About the Project


Journalist and business coach Keith Peel knew financial advice changed lives.

He’d experienced his own ephiphany about how he could achieve financial independence and peace of mind with the help of a dedicated, skilled and influential financial adviser.

So he asked 25 of Australia’s best and brightest financial advisers a fundamental question: How do the best and brightest financial advisers change their client's lives?

What he found was that it as more than simply possessing technical knowledge or managing investment portfolios. It was even more than about money.

Great advisers helped their clients create positive behaviour change and a mindset shift about how they think about money and their life. Keith discovered a New Breed of financial professionals who see their role beyond investment returns or technical strategies. They are agents of change who influence a client’s compounding behaviours of success with money.

About the Author

Keith Peel is a journalist and business coach to thought leaders and professional advisers. He has worked in some of Australia’s largest financial advisory networks helping financial advisers to crack their own code on how they’re valuable to their clients. He coaches financial advisers in developing a distinctive client value proposition, marketing strategy and personal and business branding. He’s currently researching the biggest question any financial adviser can ask: Why do some clients achieve their financial life goals while others struggle? But that’s the next book!