There's a New Breed of financial adviser rising

Financial advice is life-changing, we all know that. But the great work of dedicated professionals is often unseen. 

It's time for a new, positive story of financial advice.

It's time to change the conversation.

Now, at last you can learn from the very best and be inspired by their stories and insights on how they use their expertise and empathy to make a difference to the lives of their clients. 


This is the 12 Gifts of New Breed Financial Advisers and its a simple roadmap you can use to help your clients be more successful with their financial life and for you to be more valuable as their financial guide to life success.

The 12 Gifts of New Breed Financial Advisers 

The Gift of Results

New Breed Advisers focus  on helping clients achieve their goals and improving their quality of life, not simply on accumulating money

The Gift of Clarity

New Breed Advisers help clients discover what’s important to them in their life so they can set meaningful, inspiring life goals

The Gift of Accountability

New Breed Advisers coach their clients to be accountable to their goals and dreams to reduce the chance of clients failing

The Gift of Peace of Mind

New Breed Advisers create peace of mind with clients by reassuring them that their financial affairs are well managed, risks are mitigated and that they’re on track to achieve what they truly want

The Gift of Empowerment

New Breed Advisers help their clients see what’s possible and influence them to take action on their wealth and life opportunities

The Gift of Conscience

New Breed Advisers have brave conversations, ask hard questions and provoke bigger thinking in clients when they need it most

The Gift of Hope

New Breed Advisers help their clients find a way, no matter what their situation

The Gift of Confidence

New Breed Advisers maintain their clients’ positivity and confidence in the most difficult times

The Gift of Prudence

New Breed Advisers teach their clients to make smarter choices with their money and their lives

The Gift of Passion

New Breed Advisers have a passion for what they do that makes a difference to their client’s lives

The Gift of Understanding

New Breed Advisers walk in the shoes of their clients, leading but also understanding them

The Gift of Legacy

New Breed Advisers inspire clients to see their bigger contribution to their world through the privilege of wealth.

Really, It's Not About The Money

When author Keith Peel researched what the most awarded and recognised professional advisers do that makes them invaluable to their clients he found a surprising discovery - it wasn't just about the money.

He discovered that New Breed financial advisers get inside the financial life of a client to deeply understand their goals and dreams and their capacity to change their own financial lives. His research created a conceptual model of how advisers positively influence their clients' lives and mindset.

The book is called It's Not About The Money. And really, every dedicated financial adviser who wants to make a difference to their clients should read it.

What the New Breed Financial Advisers are saying about the book 

What the Industry Experts say about It's Not About The Money 

"Every financial adviser should read this book. In fact, everyone with aspirations in their life should read this book. It's like nothing else I've ever read on the topic! Keith presents a fresh charter for all modern professional advisers to follow. It's about leadership, prudence and genuine empathy. I have no doubt that those advisers who follow the insights contained in these pages will not only build a wonderful career, but a lifelong legacy for their clients." 

Paul Barrett, CEO, Next Generation Advisory

"Financial planning is about changing people's lives and helping them live the life they dream about. Keith Peel has captured this superbly in his book with real life stories clearly outlining how planners are making a real difference in the lives of Australians."

Steve Helmich, Chair Future2 Foundation

"It's Not About The Money provides financial advisers with the beliefs needed for the emerging era of a new financial advice profession. This book highlights how advisers are changing the fundamental reasons why clients will engage in the future, which is refreshing and a much-needed change away from the product conversations. Understanding these 12 habits will accelerate financial advice back to its origins - the client relationship." 

Jim Stackpool, author of Delivering Certainty and What Price Advice

Buy the Book for Your Clients

If you loved It’s Not About The Money you can buy a special edition copy for your best clients.

We’ll customise your personal message on the dust jacket of the book to add your endorsement of the principles of the New Breed Advisers.

You can buy packages of 100, 200 or 300 copies.

Ask us today how we can help you give the gift of great advice to your clients and trusted referral partner professionals. 

Meet Keith Peel


Keith Peel is author of It’s Not About The Money – the 12 Gifts of New Breed Financial Advisers and founder of Undiscovered Value, a niche training and education business designed to help financial advisers stand up for their true value.

Keith is passionate about the value of great financial advice and the role of a trusted financial coach to change lives.

He was previously a business coach at one of Australia’s largest banks helping financial advisers create valuable businesses and create an inspired client experience and value to their clients.